Thinking about landscapes

a conjunction of art and science

There are no landscapes in nature, only objects and living beings. As viewers, even when looking at a real mountain, we take pleasure in the view, and we often imagine that this is taking us closer to nature, when the opposite is nearer to the truth.  Humans therefore create landscapes as a kind of nostalgia for a closeness that we imagine we once had with nature.

It is interesting that we have started taking this 'scape' suffix and adding it to anything else that is visually pleasing or interesting; a cityscape, a seascape, now even a thoughtscape and a bodyscape. These are scapescapes, landscapes processed from previous landscapes.  Over the centuries, landscape has taken on a variety of meanings.


Landscapes without memory, Joan Fontcuberta



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Llangollen: Looking south from the Horshoe Pass towards Eglwyseg Rocks on the upper left




















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